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Anthony P. Maingot

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Anthony Maingot, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Anthropology at Florida International University.

Originally from Trinidad, Anthony Maingot began collecting rums three decades ago and has over 300 varieties in his collection. He has lectured widely on the political economy of the rum trade as well as conducted rum tastings for various museums.

Anthony Maingot has published numerous book chapters and journal articles placing Cuba in the context of the Caribbean. He is the coauthor of The United States and the Caribbean: Transforming Hegemony and Sovereignty (with Wilfredo Lozano, Routledge, 2005) and the author of The United States and The Caribbean: Challenges of an Asymmetrical Relationship (Macmillan, 1994; revised version published in Spanish by the Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico in 2005) and the Historical Dictionary of U.S.-Caribbean Relations (Scarecrow Press, 2006). His newest book is Race, Ideology, and the Decline of Caribbean Marxism (2015).

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From Devil Rum To Universal Drink

Particular countries go to great lengths to establish proprietary rights to certain spirits. Americans quite properly lay claim to Bourbon; the Scotch and Irish to Whisky, the French to Champagne and Cognac, the Japanese to Sake, the Russians to Vodka, and “Genever” is quite definitely Dutch. Who, on the other hand, can claim rum?

Anthony P. Maingot
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